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Ernst & Young Global Limited, commonly known as Ernst & Young or simply EY, is a multinational professional services network with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. EY is one of the largest professional services networks in the world. Along with Deloitte, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, it is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms. It primarily provides assurance (which includes fi


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Tax Senior Associate says

"I worked at EY Cons: The problem comes from upper management who are either lacking the technical skills or the people skill and sometimes both. No cohesion from upper management they are looking to get the job done even if it will overwork their staff and seniors."

Service Desk Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Too much politics, back biting. Managers are not supportive . No proper training was given. Team members have too much attitude problem. I wont suggest this place to anyone."

Senior Auditor (Former Employee) says

"No work-life balance. Toxic culture. No respect for working hours. No overtime compensation. No channel to communicate greviences. No counselling. No system for appraisal. Unprofessional behaviour on part of higher-ups. Undue work pressure. Constant stress. No job security. No recognition for hard work. Expection from employees to work long hours and devote both weekend days. Salary not market competitive."

Experienced Assistant Tax Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The corporate culture in Istanbul is gross. Do not advise to anyone to apply them. Behavioral in there by management was schocking. No one interests or back you up."

Associate Attorney (Current Employee) says

"I would be very weary of joining this firm. Poor compensation compared to smaller US firms. Toxic work environment. Disorganized environment. Horrible IT, whose problems are blamed on the Attorneys. Shoddy expense reimbursements that you have to fight tooth and nail for. Poor management who doesn't have a clue. No real future with competing US Immigration firms upgrading their client management software and providing far better service. Avoid this, especially if you have to move. Cons: Management, Toxic Work environment, Misrepresentation on work, no real growth"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"They drain you out with a low pay and low year end bonus. Demanding but least respect and incentive. Cons: Low pay but demanding and stressful work"

Süreç Denetçisi (Current Employee) says

"5 yıllık deneyime rağmen İstanbul'da geçinmek için yetersiz maaş. Belirsiz kariyer yolu. Vasıfsız partner ve müdürler. Daha sayılabilecek bir çok olumsuz yön. Cons: Şirket öğlen yemeklerini karşılamıyor."

Internship Training (Current Employee) says

"My friend works at Ey . It has zeri work life balance. They get work done from interns to extreme levels. Sleep deprived working for nights together . Cons: Inhumane work culture"

Senior Associate/Advanced Analyst (Current Employee) says

"EY does not respect their employees. They are only focused on clients. Recognition is not good and your hard work won't be valued. Just work work work and nothing else."

Audit et expertise comptable (Current Employee) says

"Tres mauvaise expérience, aucun equilibre vie privée vie professionnelle, stress infernal, hiérarchie... Cons: Stress, hiérarchie, pas de vie privée, salaire pas motivant..."

Coordinadora de Recursos Humanos (Former Employee) says

"Horrible experiencia, sufri de mobbing laboral estando en el área de Recursos Humanos, me vi obligada a renunciar por motivos de salud graves a causa del estres que me ocasionaba mi jefa, la cual era la jefa de Recursos Humanos en EY Monterrey. Cons: Mal ambiente, favoritismo, sueldo bajo, no se preocupan por sus empleados"

Senior Consultant (TP) says

"The culture of this company was very shady, however with this being said I was able to learn emergency repair technique on various systems mainly because service was refused from various trades. The experience was invaluable in my opinion and I do not regret working here."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Better not to join EY ever. I would not recommend anyone to join who's from a good consulting background. This company do not value good and qualitative individuals"

Sr. Consultant (Current Employee) says

"lack of requirement knowledge with the hiring team, most of them don't know the requirement and place resource based on the rapport and expect us to get going with the process, though we are from different domain. no bench period, no travel expense given, increasing business is one of the competencies i.g. act as sales. lot of dirty politics"

Sr. Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worst work culture and work ethics. Only people who can do flattery can survive here. One person is over burdened nad senior staff members only focus on submitting their local bills. Not good work culture."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I love the people who work at EY. However the roles that are core to business are ignored and taken advantage of. There's no benefits or perks for Core Business Staff"

Especialista en Ciberseguridad (Current Employee) says

"Mi experiencia en EY (Met EY Malaga)."

Asistente (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa buena pero con mala gerencia hay maltrato y para poder una promoción o aumento es muy difícil Cons: Las personas que tienen el poder son muy duras con la gente"

Assistant Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato per un breve periodo per EY poichè mi sono subito dimessa, nonostante mi avessero detto in fase di colloquio che avrei operato nella mia regione ma poi mi sono ritrovata a lavorare a Roma! un branco di falsi che fanno di tutto per assumere gente, visto l'alto turnover! Sai quando entri al lavoro ma non sai quando esci, più di 10 ore al giorno più a volte lavoro a casa nel weekend. Ambiente malsano, stressante gente che pensa di lavorare alla Nasa li dentro, quando invece sono un branco di montati e stressati ! Se uno è disposto ad alienarsi totalmente per il lavoro è il posto giusto, se uno ha anche una vita al di fuori del lavoro, sconsigliatissimo! Cons: orario- no vita sociale - stress"

Aprendiz Sena (Former Employee) says

"Es una mala empresa donde uno tiene un aprendizaje muy bueno pero los de mayor rango son abusivos con los trajadores Cons: No hay ni descanso para tomar un cafe"

Assurance, Senior (Current Employee) says

"EY Edinburgh: horrible culture; long unpaid hours; VERY political; hierarchy driven; relocated across the UK in hard to get to places with no help booking travel or accommodation; the amount of people that join to get their CA and just leave once qualified is astonishing; you will be treated as a resource, not a human; the business is constantly winning clients but people are leaving so the pressure is immense."

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